Where is the money coming from for the project?

It is coming from several different places;

1.       any donations are very much appreciated

2.       corporate donations which will be tax deductible once we become nonprofit

3.       grants from other organizations


Where is the money not coming from?

1.       Not coming from money you pay into state tax

2.       Not coming from the state’s education budget

3.       The states works and roads budget


Why are you doing this?

Alex- I personally love Joyland and have realized that many other Wichitans do as well. In this community, I have always wanted to give back in one way or another and that is exactly what I am trying to do here. Not only will I, along with the rest of the team, be restoring a park that many people want back so badly, but we will be benefiting the local economy and people at the same time. This is a way to restore everyone’s memories and also a way for me to thank the community for everything that they’ve done for me.

Kira- I remember being at Joyland so many times as a kid, I want other kids to be able to enjoy the day with their families like I did, I want to go back there with my family to make new memories and cherish my old memories.

Jessica- I want to support my friends and I see a lot of heart and a lot of reason behind bringing Joyland back to Wichita- and I want to ride the roller coaster again

What will happen to the park and when will it happen?

Barbed wire fencing will be installed around the perimeter of the park and parking lot first in order to protect our investments. The park will then be cleared of any debris that may be harmful to volunteers working in the park. The skating rink and offices will be under construction while this is taking place in order to reopen the skating rink before the park. Missing rides will be replaced and new rides will come in to the park as well. After that, we will be landscaping the property in preparation to reopen it by Easter weekend of 2013 with Joyland’s yearly Easter Egg Hunt. The midway that everyone knows as Joyland, will always be there, once expansions begin the Classic Joyland Park will remain the same, and new will be brought in around it.

How can I help?

Right now everyone can help us by simply ‘liking’ our Facebook page and/or purchasing a t-shirt and wristband from our website under the Shopping tab. Also, anyone can feel free to fill out the volunteer form on our website as well. Sadly, we cannot have any volunteer clean up days until we purchase the park which will hopefully be sometime soon!

What will change?

The original Joyland Midway will remain the same except changes in scenery, restaurants, and things of that nature. A few rides have been sold over the past few years, but we will replace them with new rides or something similar to what was once there. After Joyland has reopened, we look into constantly expanding the park so that attendance levels stay high.

What will stay the same?

The midway (for the most part), along with classic icons of Joyland including: the Roller Coaster, Whacky Shack, and the Log Jam. We are hoping to keep the original sign as it does not meet current Wichita sign regulations so it would have to be grandfathered in, and we will also make a Louie replica and find some form of organ for him to play.

Where will the money go if the project doesn’t succeed?

Since the project is being ran by a non-profit, if it does not succeed, the money will go to other local non-profit organizations who seek to better our community.

What rides are missing?

The Round-Up, Zumur (swings), the Paratrooper, and the train.

Where is Louie?

Our beloved Louie the clown who played the Wurlitzer has been kidnapped. There have been several statements that he is in different places of the country, but hopefully we can get him back or make a replica of him! Joyland wouldn’t be the same without him.

What happens to the money Joyland makes?

The money that Joyland generates will be split up into a few different categories. First of all, the employees and bills will be paid. After that for the first few years, the money will stay in an account that will go towards the maintaining of the park along with future expansions. Then once it has gained enough popularity to be generating enough money, some proceeds will go to other local non-profit organizations that seek to benefit our community.