Our Vision

Over the past few years that Joyland has been closed, I have come across comments by multiple people about how they wish the park was open again. I furthered my research into the subject by looking at comments people had posted online about the reopening of the park and read quite a few people saying that we should come together as a community to get our park back. I thought to myself “well, if nobody is going to take this idea past the words, then I might as well take charge of this as I would like to see it open as well.” I took this idea to friends and teachers and they really took to it. That is when one of my teachers told me that it would be best to begin a non-profit that will run the park. With this the idea has evolved into what it is today. Honestly, never, did I ever think that it would become what it is now. This project has become something massive and has the support of people in Wichita and other cities across the country and around the world.

                The vision is to restore ‘classic’ Joyland while we implement new restaurants, scenery, and a few new rides to the area as well. As soon as the park generates enough money, we will look at expansions into different decades. The original park will become the 50’s, the decade the park was really big in. Each expansion after that will become a newer decade (60’s, 70’s, 80’s, etc.). We would also like to introduce a new water park to the area in later years.

                Joyland Amusement Park will be run as a non-profit with all its profits staying inside the park for payroll, bills, maintenance, expansions, and other things of that nature for the first few years. After the park becomes bigger and has a higher attendance, we will begin to make donations to other local non-profits that seek to benefit our community.

                So many things can be done with our local amusement park and the restoration process will mainly be completed by local construction companies in order to boost the Wichita economy. We are asking many companies for donations to help restore Wichita’s historical landmark that has been standing since June 14th, 1949.

                                                                                                                                                -Alex East

Restore Hope President