·   Red – Land that Joyland currently occupies (not including parking lot and buildings that will be torn down) which will be redeveloped and slightly expanded by February of 2013.

·   Light Blue – Expansion One, the 60’s: expansion will add new rides including a roller coaster, plus arcades and concessions; completed within 3 years of opening day.

·   Orange – Expansion Two, the 70’s: includes new rides, restaurants, and an indoor entertainment center; completed within 5 years of Expansion One’s completion.

·   White – Expansion Three, water park: complete development of a water park; completed within 7 years of Expansion Two’s completion.

·   Purple – Expansion Four, the 80’s: includes new rides, gift shops, restaurants, and arcades; completed within 3 years of Expansion Three’s completion.

·   Green – Expansion Five, the 90s: includes new rides, outdoor entertainment, transition area from Joyland to water park; completed within 4 year of Expansion Four’s completion.

·   Yellow – Parking: added as deemed necessary. We will buy property to the South and East of water park parking for an entrance.